Combination Project

This project combines two images to create a surreal or strange effect. This one combines the faces of two spry young-ins so they no longer posses the undeniably handsome features that they once demonstrated. It is simple: take two pictures and split them up, then place on over the other. This image is a little […]

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Levitation Effect

The levitation effect is an effect in which the subject is shown to be floating or flying in an image. This is achieved by taking two or more images, with one having the subject (usually elevated on a stool or chair) and the other having the background. After you have these two images, you make […]

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Song Composite

This project is based upon a song. I chose a song that related to the idea, and I created an image that demonstrates some of the lyrics of the song. The song is “I Am Mountain,” so I decided to make this literal by putting my face into El Captain. I achieved this by making […]

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Hockney Effect (mk i)

The Hockney effect is accomplished by taking images of the same object and putting them together to create a puzzle kind of effect. It is beneficial in learning how to assemble collages in photoshop. The most difficult part is finding the right subject. Sometimes the lens can limit you because smaller subjects require closer focal […]

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Double Exposures

Double exposures are a type of image that combines two or more images into one to create a cool effect. This can be achieved in most advanced cameras or through Photoshop. The hardest part of doing this is finding and selecting the method that produces the look that you want, because there are many different […]

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Daguerreotype Portrait Project

This project demonstrates a Photoshop technique which is used to create an effect similar to an old daguerreotype plate from the early days of photography. The most challenging parts of this project were figuring out ideas to make each image unique and finding good overlays for photoshop. I planned some of these images ahead in […]

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These images all show a daguerrotype effect, which imitates how photos were made over a century ago. The effect can be done in photoshop by using a daguerrotype overlay from the web. They are made to look old, rustic, and possibly metal, depending on how they are printed. This project taught me how to use […]

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Inspiration Poster

This little project was assigned to show us how to make one of those cliché inspirational quote images found around the web. We simply created a template, placed our photo in it, typed in our quote with the type tool, created a drop shadow, and flattened the image. Here it is- not really a big […]

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Toy Story

Spooderman: A Life Explored This week in photography 2 class, I was assigned a project in which I photographed a toy in a way to make it look like a normal sized human or doing normal sized human activities. This was sort of an introduction to macro photography, as the most challenging part of the […]

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Portrait Project

I recently was assigned a portrait project in my photography class. The most challenging part of this project was finding people willing to take up the burden of being models. I experimented with lighting techniques such as direct lighting, backlighting, window lighting, and lamplight. I also had an idea of having my friends to par […]

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